Social media Advent calendar day 3: Birdherd

3. Birdherd

Ok, so we have Hootsuite and Cotweet when it comes to sharing access to ‘group’ Twitter accounts such as the brand accounts of newspapers or the main accounts of local councils. They are fine – but what if you are on the move? Odds are your mobile or tablet is set up for your personal Twitter account – so trying to log on to the group one is a bit of a faff.

Or how about if you’re doing a bit of liveblogging via Twitter with multiple reporters? Aggregating Tweets via a Twitter widget or a Coveritlive embed works very well – but what about those following your activity on Twitter? Should they really have to follow all of your reporters individually to get the full picture?

Here’s an interesting solution: Birdherd. It’s a tool which allows you to be logged on to your personal Twitter account but post comments on your group account via a direct message. Log on to Birdherd, select the people who want to be able to post comments to your group account and you’re off.

So if I was taking part in a liveblog for the Liverpool Echo, I’d send a DM to the Liverpool Echo main account, and it would appear in the account of the Liverpool Echo repeating my message with a /via@davidhiggerson at the end.

There are also ways to send replies on behalf of the group account and DMs on behalf of the account but this is where I get a little scared – there’s too much scope for stuff to go wrong. Perhaps you can have too much of a good thing.

But for making it easier to keep your brand/group account updated on the move and at the centre of liveblog action, then Birdherd feels like it is a great tool.


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