Social media Advent calendar day 2: Summify


Social network dominating your work day? Out and about and worrying you might miss the things people are talking about? Two daft questions but a half-serious point – Twitter is real-time, and Facebook is going that way … what are the odds you might miss something interesting?

This is where Summify is a rather handy safety net. I know there are other social network aggregator-type tools which present themselves as some sort of newspaper os stuff, but there’s something about Summify which I really like: It’s meant for you, not others.

So instead of pushing out a link on Twitter to all your followers showcasing the followers you’re interested in, Summify goes through your timeline, finds the most shared and talked about links and information and packages  them up into one daily email.

That email can be viewed in your inbox, or you click on a link and it serves up a nice visual display of the best stuff in your browser.

Oh, and it does the same thing for Facebook.

It really is rather nice.


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