Social Media Advent Calendar Day 1: Twinitor


In a world where Tweetdeck and Hootsuite allow you to slice and dice Twitter by hashtag, search term or trend, why would you need something like Twinitor?

Because there are times when tools like Tweetdeck and others just give you far too much information.

Twinitor, on the other hand, adheres to Twitter’s basic principle of being simple – and that feels priceless when you’re just trying to follow one big story.

Recently, I found myself pitching in to  help the Birmingham Mail when there was severe flooding in an area called Streetly. Searching for Streetly, and the name of the reservoir which was near to the flooding, provided load of information via Tweetdeck and others – but it was hard work to look at it quickly and get information.

Where Twinitor came into its own is that it is easy to remove retweets – a big bonus – and it colour-codes tweets for each search term you are using. Pictures are also displayed within the tweets – where they have been posted – and you can also filter for just tweets with images.

The simple trick of just using one screen, and putting big crossheads in saying ‘one minute ago’, ‘five minutes ago’ and so on makes it easy to use, and easier to be sure of sources. Both of which are priceless when working on a big, breaking news story.

What’s this Social Media Advent Calendar all about then?


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