The social media Advent calendar: What’s this all about then?

I’ve been writing a blog post for about a month now, which has 24 tools for Twitter and other social networks which I think are useful for journalists.

Not only are they useful for journalists, but I also think that, for a lot of journalists, they may be new.

My problem was this: 24 isn’t really a very good number for a blog post. 10 is, 20 is, 25 is, but 24 feels like ‘just fallen short.’

At the same time, when I’ve done posts like that before, I’ve had the comment back that ‘this is really useful but it’s too much to take in in one go.’

So I’ve had this idea. I’ll post one a day, with a brief description, and then aggregate them up into the ‘Social Media Advent Calendar’. 24 days, 24 ideas, 24 hopefully useful tools to help you use social networks more effectively.

At least, that’s the idea. We’ll see. What’s the worst that can happen?

You can find all the entries in one place at this link.



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