Equal opportunities? Just rubbish according to one hospital

There’s nothing like a bit of frank honesty from a public sector organisation, so hats off to the person who posted this job ad on the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University website:

job advertI think the word here is ‘whoops.’ According to the Liverpool Daily Post, the advert was online ‘for a matter of minutes’ before being spotted and replaced with the much more politically correct ‘we are committed to promoting equality and diversity.”

Then, presumably working on the assumption that more nonsense-speak was required to redress the balance, the hospital added in a statement: “The Trust is conscious of its duty to promote equality and is a Stonewall Diversity Champion employer.”

I’m sure that’s a very important thing to mention, if only I knew what it meant.

It’s not all bad news, though. The local UKIP MEP, Paul Nuttall, agrees with the sentiment of the original error.

“This EU-inspired equal opportunities legislation is just tosh and takes up time and money.

“It is quite right to describe it, albeit inadvertently, as rubbish”.

It would, of course, be churlish to make the point that this probably wouldn’t have appeared had the job advert been printed in a newspaper.


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