Riots in the UK: Front pages from the regions

I last did this on the day after the royal wedding and got a few comments from people saying they liked it, so I thought I’d do it again to show how regional newspapers have covered the riots so far.

For some titles, such as the Liverpool ECHO, the Liverpool Daily Post, the Birmingham Mail, the Wolverhampton Express and Star, the Bristol Evening Post and the Nottingham Evening Post, the riots have been right on their doorsteps – and the challenge becomes presenting the story in a way which covers all angles but which doesn’t inflame the situation.

In other areas, the links aren’t as geographically obvious. The Hartlepool Mail, for example, covered the story as seen through the eye of a local person caught up in the drama, while the Dorset Echo reported on cops being sent into London along with a local arrest. The Newcastle Evening Chronicle reported on memories coming back for those who remember riots of 1985.

For some papers, the lack of any action was a story in itself. Both the Swindon Advertiser and the Derby Telegraph ran headlines of ‘the anti-social network’ reporting that rumours of violence had spread around their towns, but nothing had happened. A similar story is reported on the front page of the Northants Evening Telegraph.

My favourite of the day was The Journal in Newcastle. No trouble there yet, but a front page which really caught the eye:

Newcastle Journal front page

The rules for going into the gallery are this: The main front page article must be about the riots. There are a lot of papers which have smaller pieces or cross refs, but they run into their hundreds. Here are a selection of Wednesday’s papers:


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