Phone hacking: The next developments revealed?

This week's front page of the Birmingham Post

Here’s my prediction for the weekend: There will be a lot of stuff written about phone hacking. Who said I’ve not my finger on the pulse?

In all seriousness, if there’s one piece you take the time to read this weekend, it should be Birmingham Post political editor Jonathan Walker’s interview with West Bromwich MP Tom Watson.

While John (-ny come lately) Prescott entertains 24-hour news channel viewers with his ill-informed soundbites and rants against the media and anyone who dare hold an opinion which is different to his own, Watson offers a much more considered, and relevant, insight into what is going on.

Of particular note is the fact that he believes that the phone hacking scandal will go beyond simply dialling into answerphones:

“I know of other technologies that people would be interested in, like tracker devices on cars and scanners. A scanner is a sort of black box, you put it on in a room and it takes all the data of every mobile phone in the room. I think there’s a lot more to come out.”

And he also says he’s been getting plenty of calls from others inside News International:

“Since I have been identified with the issue, there are number of whistleblowers and victims that have started to talk to me.

“In fact, I’ve picked up quite a few more this week, some of whom used to work for News of the World until very recently.”

In a week where MPs – including former prime minister Gordon Brown – have queued up to complain that politicians lived in fear of Rupert Murdoch (yet did nothing about it until now), it’s worth nothing Watson was saying exactly the same thing a year ago.
And for people who claim the phone hacking investigation wasn’t covered by any other newspaper other than the Guardian, I would suggest a look at Tom Watson in the Birmingham Post archive – the Post has been very thorough at covering developments from Watson.


One thought on “Phone hacking: The next developments revealed?

  1. “The more the media focuses on his people’s criminal activities, the better the chance of success.”

    That’s a line I posted in response to your “Phone hacking’s bad but let’s get some perspective.” you put up the other day.

    Your colleague at the Birmingham Post, and Tom Watson, did that yesterday. They gave us a new perspective, but one in the opposite direction, which intensifies the pressure, and demands that we stay the course. I feel this underlines my point.

    So let’s not back away, now that they’re dropping like flies, with their dubious connections exposed, and collecting their multi-million rewards in dirty money. Let’s keep the pressure on until we can get them into court and then on behind bars were they belong. This ‘respectable’ brand of criminal, if guilty, needs to be incarcerated.

    I agree, Prescott’s a joke, by the way.

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