How many celebrities does it take to open a sandwich shop in Burnley?

Say cheese (on white, please)

It’s always a good way of getting into the newspaper – getting a local celebrity to pop along and open your shop.

But here’s perhaps an example of overkill – getting not one, not two but THREE local Burnley celebrities to open a sandwich shop.

I guess life for Burnley’s football fraternity is a little slow during the summer months – but it does also help when the shop in question is owned by Carol Rodriguez, mother of Burnley Football Club’s ‘young hotshot’ (The Burnley Express’s phrase, not mine) Jay Rodriguez.

Along with her son, who looks remarakably tall in the picture above, was former Burnley FC manager (and very poor loser, as I’ve seen first hand in the Preston North End press box) Stan Ternent and former player Willie Irvine.

Even though it’s for his mum, how many young international footballers with 15 goals in 48 games for a Championship football team would do that over the summer – and some how rope two other club characters into it too? 



    1. My experience of Stan is that it’s always best to make sure he’s not holding anything before you ask him a question – even if it is a sandwich!

      1. My experience of Stan is that he is a lovely man who gave me a 45 minute interview and didn’t mind the tough questions.

        It does help he was my neighbour for 10 years though.

      2. Yes, I think being his next door neighbour does help! I’ve seen him after various defeats to Preston, and also seen the way he treated various local sports journalists. That said, I also saw a different side to him after that last day game against Sunderland when everyone knew he was leaving.

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