Proof Twitter has changed the newsroom (sort of)

There was a time when you’d only find out if the editor was happy with the paper you’d worked on the night before once you’d got into the office.

Anyone who has been on the newsdesk of a morning newspaper will know the sinking feeling caused when you listen to the radio headlines first thing to realise you’ve been scooped or, worse still, when you spot something you got wrong in the paper.

Mistake/miss established in your own mind, the next question is: Has it been spotted by the editor? Will s/he mind?

I’m sure it’s a ritual played out in newsrooms for generations. Now Twitter has changed it, so long as your editor uses it.

Here’s proof from Peter Barron, the editor of the Northern Echo (and one of the best editor tweeters in the regional press), who shared his annoyance at his paper not being quite right:

The dreadful waiting game to find out what the editor thinks appears to be no more….


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