Where there’s an ash cloud, there’s a PR opportunity

Cancelled plane? Catch a cruise instead - and watch the volcano erupt!
Cancelled plane? Catch a cruise instead - and watch the volcano erupt!

Congratulations to cruise company Voyages of Discovery for spotting the PR opportunity in the ash cloud which has caused travel problems for tens of thousands, and left many more worrying if their plans will be disrupted.

This dropped into my inbox this afternoon:

Sail to Iceland to see the forces of nature in action


25 May 2011 – Volcanoes are hitting the headlines again after the recent eruption of Grímsvötn. Despite the travel disruption in the skies it will be plain sailing for those travelling with Voyages of Discovery (www.voyagesofdiscovery.co.uk / 0844 822 0820) on Fjords, Faroes, Fire and Ice for only £999 per person. Contrary to belief sailing to Iceland isn’t off bounds and for under £1,000 per person guests can have the adventure of a lifetime seeing the volcanic landscape up close and personal. To accompany you on your journey Discovery will be joined by an expert in geology who will be on hand to offer his latest report on the Icelandic rupture.


Price includes 11-night cruise departing from Harwich (UK) and calling at Flam (Norway), Alesund (Norway), Akureyri (Iceland), Isafjordjur (Iceland), Reykjavik (Iceland) and Torshavn (Faroe Islands) before returning to Harwich (UK); meals, gratuities and entertainment on board and all relevant cruise taxes/fees, plus onboard lectures from a team of renowned guest speakers. Price is based on 04 June 2011 departure.

Just imagine the opportunities if there was a proper natural disaster!

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