The Royal Wedding: Front pages from the provinces [gallery]

The Royal Wedding.
The Royal Wedding.

So that was the big royal wedding then. While there has been a lot of coverage of how the TV did in covering the big day, and how the national press dealt with the celebrations (and how it will cover the honeymoon), there’s been little said about the regional press.

Juggling the balance between national and local news is always a tricky one on a big occasion (One website I work with had a glut of messages on its Facebook pages saying ‘We want local news from you, not royal wedding rubbish!’).

So I thought it might be interesting to get together as many front pages as I could from Saturday, and plot them on to a map. Most papers did splash on the wedding, with many packing pages full of street parties. A day most regional press photographers won’t forget, I suspect.

Here they are in a gallery below:

Update: I’ve had some other front pages flagged up to me as well, including GetReading, the sister paper of the Reading Post, which celebrated a local line to the wedding (h/t to Hilary Scott):

Get Reading

Mike Hill, deputy editor of the Lancashire Evening Post, mentioned that the Post did an on-day edition too (most of the papers above are from the Saturday):

Lancashire Evening Post
Lancashire Evening Post

And I think this one deserves a mention too. How to get a Kate Middleton front page before the wedding: Prove her ancestors are from your area:

Coventry Telegraph
Coventry Telegraph

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