Crumbs… Proof that you can create a great blog about anything?


Among the many pieces of advice I’ve heard be presented to people considering writing a blog is ‘Do you think you can write regular posts about this subject?’

Another is: ‘There’s an audience for everything – if you know enough about your subject.’

Both of these points sprang to mind when I stumbled across this blog:  The Greggs Adventure.

As the name suggests, it’s all about Greggs the bakers. Not sure how I found it, but seeing as I work all over the country, I do tend to eat at Greggs a bit. So there’s proof about the audience bit.

It’s written by a guy called Jim Groome. It is, I believe, proof you can blog about anything effectively if you know your subject. Or in this case, the difference between a sandwich and a bloomer.

It’s brilliant.


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