Paywall parody

Just a quick thought: On one hand, traditional media companies are often criticised – sometimes rightly – for being too slow to innovate or for not taking risks.

So you’d think that when a publisher does do something a bit different, those same critics would hold their fire for a bit.

The rules don’t seem to apply to paywalls though. We saw it with Johnston Press’s weekly paywall experiment last year, and then there was the horrendous carping around The Times paywall.

And now there’s the Wolverhampton Express and Star’s decision to announce it will be putting some of its content behind a paywall. We don’t even have the details yet and already the paper is being criticised.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t?


One thought on “Paywall parody

  1. Most of the people commenting about the regional ‘paywalls’ are not those who they are aimed at. If you’re an avid supporter of the local football team – you might have a different attitude. Let’s see what the readers decide, they’ll soon tell us if they like it or not.

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