A hyperlocal website for an airport


There’s hardly a shortage of websites which cover Heathrow Airport – which is probably what makes Skyport invaluable for those that actually work there.

Skyport as a print publication has existed for over 30 years, covering all the news which is of interest to people who work at Heathrow Airport. BAA reckons around 70,000 people work at Heathrow Airport.

Now Skyport has its own website – but Trinity Mirror Southern (disclaimer: part of Trinity Mirror Regionals, which also employs me) has opted to make that website a hyperlocal site rather than a regular newspaper website.

The result can be found here.

I mention it on here not because it’s been produced by the company I work for (I’d be writing about sites all the time if I did that) but because I think it’s a very different example of how a hyperlocal site can work – built to serve a community which is founded on  a place of work rather a place of residence.

Of course, it benefits from having a weekly print product associated with it, but even without, I can’t help but think the idea of work-based hyperlocal sites could prove popular in the future.


3 thoughts on “A hyperlocal website for an airport

  1. I agree that the work-based thing is a good idea, but airports are quite unique in the sense that they are a self-contained community. There are shops, restaurants and banks within the main structure of the airport. Other places where this kind of thing could work would maybe be large business districts, or (though I hate to say it) some of the bigger shopping centres.

  2. Hi Joseph – thanks for the comment. I agree, it wouldn’t work everywhere and there would be a danger that if it was too controlled by one company it would become a little too intranet-ish, but I think that is what puts the Skyport site in a strong position – it’s neutral, which is the same place many hyperlocals come from?

    1. Definitely! Actually having a week or so away from this thread, I actually really love the idea of reporting on a level like this, focussing like you say on a community created by jobs rather than geography/housing.

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