The local government standoff on job cuts

I blogged the other week about Camden Council, the authority which is spending money on street posters to tell people it’ll soon have to spend less because of government spending cuts.

As ways of telling people you’re about to slash budgets go, it was quite a pricey one.

It prompted this comment from “Laura”. I don’t think I’ve written a follow-up post based on a comment before, but this one is well worth breaking the duck for:

She wrote:

My co-workers in our local Council office found this hilarious, and very poignant.

The same thing is happening down here – money is being spent on expensive consultants who invite us to two hour meetings (thus stopping us from doing our jobs) to ask us what we could be doing to be more efficient. Nothing is achieved by this as we have been asked by the Union not to say anything, in case our comments lose someone else a job. So, we are away from our desks for two hours every couple of months to discuss obvious measures like using less paper, ink and electricity, which will shave a mere fraction off of our costs and will make no difference in the long run. Effective!

How frightening.


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