Regional Press front pages of the Comprehensive Spending Review [with gallery]

Yesterday, as we all know, was a big news day. From the largest media organisations going – such as the BBC – right across the spectrum to hyperlocal sites such Blog Preston – it seemed everyone was covering the Comprehensive Spending Review live.

With such coverage live on the day, where does the next-day local Press sit in this instant age? Of course, there was live coverage online but,  to me, this is one of those occasions where the gap between announcement and publication actually provides an advantage to the regional Press.

It provided the time to analyse the figures, work out the local impact and assess the damage – and in a few cases, have a look at some positives. In many cases, today’s newspapers will carry the first full details of how cuts will hit home locally.

I spent much of yesterday evening on a train heading back from Newcastle. I didn’t hear a single conversation about budget cuts. Whether that tells us anything, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign people don’t like talking about glum news. Or maybe it is a sign that, despite information being freely available all day, for many the preference is still to receive news in one dose.

If the latter is the case, then today’s regional newspapers will hopefully have hit the mark. I’ve rounded up all the front pages I could find (which had the spending review on the front) here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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