Stuff I’m reading…

A collection of links to posts I’ve read over the past few days

1. Council documents tell stories, not just FOI < < < Ed Walker

Colleague Ed Walker serves up a useful reminder of the value of council agendas. Ed’s points about scrutiny committees are particularly worth looking into – it’s an area of council life which councillors are often quick to dismiss as toothless, but I’ve found it’s often the place where the facts the ruling party don’t want to reveal tend to leak out.

2. Five ways to annoys reporters < < < Viva PR blog

Just the five? Any regional journalist will nod as you read this – and, I suspect, probably be able to add a few more.

3. The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks

I knew a sub editor who hated the fact that his newspaper’s bill boards couldn’t print speech marks or apostrophies, so he’d spend his lunch break going round town adding them. This blog is the opposite of that, highlights the equally annoying habit people have of using speechmarks too often.

4. Train Etiquette – A grumpy 22-year-old’s guide to locomotive conduct < < < James Dunn’s blog

I found this via the WordPress home page. It’s another nod-as-you-go-along post for anyone who spends far too much of their life (like me) on trains

5. A Right Dressing Down < < < Seven Streets Blog

A scandalous series of events reported by the Seven Streets Blog involving a man who was required to wear a hat after head surgery being told to remove it, or get out, by a publican determined to maintain his warped dress code.

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