#middleclassfootballchants: A top 20 for Bank Holiday Monday

I tend not to get involved in Twitter hashtag games – largely because I can’t normally come up with anything witty to add. Remember #itsallnicksfault when Nick Clegg was being blamed for virtually everything prior to the election, or #lesserbooks – the trending topic which made books a little less grand than they otherwise would have been.

Great fun to watch, but they often just disappear into thin air as the trending topics move on to something else. So, just for a bit of Bank Holiday fun, I’ve picked up on #middleclassfootballchants – the big trending topic over the weekend which poke fun (gently, I think) at the middle classes. Here’s a top 20:

1. He’s fat, he’s round, his coffee’s coarsely ground. (CulturalSnow)

2. The referee is a guy with a questionable parental, possibly pre-nuptial heritage ( Geordieracer82)

3. You’ll never walk without a chaperone ( Stikklebrik)

4. You’re going home in a Toyota Prius. ( FredTitmus)

5. You’re going home in a BUPA ambulance (within 24 hours of initial diagnosis) (Dr_J_R)

6. You’re not harmonising anymore (VictoriaCoren)

7. Keep Right On Till the End of the Cul-de-Sac (GrahamYapp)

8. You’re noveau riche, and you know you are! (PeacefulPaul)

9. I’m forever recycling bottles, pretty bottles in my bin (21stCscribe)

10. Two World Wars and one disastrous policy of appeasement ( adamawhite)

11. You’re athletically inadequate to officiate (sincerelykirsty)

12. Who ate all the hors d’oeuvres? Who ate all the hors d’oeuvres? (MJDoughty)

13. your team is the human resemblance of excrement and you know that to be truth as well (yolkie)

14. Where’s your aga gone? Where’s your aga gone? (ianthenoodle)

15. You only tweet when you’re promoting, tweet when you’re promoting, you only tweet when you’re promoting. (interventus)

16. Going down, going down, going down … but hope you come up next season as you seem like a jolly good bunch (Dr_J_R)

17.”Who’s the sartorially uneducated gent in the entirely black ensemble?” (andy_day)

18. Who ate all the panini? You, victim of the obesity crisis, you ate all the panini! (PeacefulPaul)

19. There’s only one Keano though this is statistically incorrect as research shows there are many with the same name (yolkie_)

20. Nigela Lawson’s Domestic Goddess’ Army! Nigella Lawson Domestic Goddess’ Army! (UtdRantcast)


One thought on “#middleclassfootballchants: A top 20 for Bank Holiday Monday

  1. I’ll see your middle class football chants and raise you a landed gentry football chant:

    “One’s man went to mow…went to mow one’s meadow.”

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