The most powerful public service video ever?

I spent the day among the very people I spent several years battling with every day – public sector communications officers. I’ll blog on some of the things which came out of it in a day or so.

But one thing I wanted to write about straight away was the video below from the Health and Safety Executive. As their head of communications, Sarah Dean Forrester, told the conference, HSE tends to get most coverage when it’s been lambasted for banning something.

Infuriatingly for the HSE, it’s often over-the-top jobsworths misunderstanding legislation rather than an HSE ban outright – but the common misconception lives on.

Anyway, to the video. One of the HSEs big campaigns last year was around farm safety. Statistics show agriculture is one of the most dangerous sectors in the UK to work in, but part of the problem in getting health and safety messages through to farmers is that they are often very, very busy – and sometimes forget they aren’t invincible.

Sarah played the following video. It’s meant as a stark reminder of what can go wrong, and encourages farmers to promise their partners that they’ll come home safe in the evening. It sounds sentimental, and the idea of ‘if you’re not careful, you’ll get hurt’ sounds a bit old hat, but it’s one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever seen – without being graphic either.


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