Weekend reading: Five blog posts I’ve read this week…

1. Paper review: Manchester Evening News < < < Dyson at Large

One day, I’ll remember to blog about why I think Steve Dyson was wrong to argue that by providing online only content on its website, the Nottingham Evening Post is damaging for newspaper sales. But in the meantime, I’ll just link to his weekly blog on Holdthefrontpage. This week’s subject was the MEN, a paper which it seems everyone in the media has an opinion about. But it makes a change to see someone talking about the actual newspaper, rather than other issues like distribution, Channel M and putting all the weeklies into head office.

2. Local Media Predictions for 2010 < < < Philip John

Great post from Phil with three big predictions for 2010.

3. Speakers presentations < < < news:rewired

Heard about news:rewired? If you weren’t there, then here are the presentations

4. How to create video storytelling which actually tells a story < < < 10,000 Words

I don’t think newspaper websites have yet explored all the ways they can use video to tell stories. Mark Luckie has some good ideas.

5. Why didn’t our budget blogs work? < < < Ask The Echo

A  blog which allows readers to have their say on the product is an obvious idea, but doing it in a way which makes it more than just lip services to the idea or reader interaction is much harder. The Echo in Dorset seems to have it cracked, and in this post asks users why its live blogs discussing proposed council budget cuts weren’t well used. I’ve some ideas, which I’d post in the comments section, but I really don’t like blogs on newspaper websites which insist I register with them first.


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