Weekend reading: Five great posts I’ve seen this week

1. Web Journalism Roundup: Haitian earthquake coverage < < < Web Journalist Blog

Robert Hernandez, aka WebJournalist, and Mark Luckie from 10,000 words blog, round up the different ways online news organisations are covering the Haitian earthquake coverage.

2. news:rewired crowdsourcing session < < < Freelance Unbound

The crowdsourcing session at news:rewired quickly became a talking point around the conference as talk of rows over what a citizen journalist really was spread. Freelance Unbound puts that to one side and looks at the lessons learnt during the session

3. Citizens? Journalists? Fight! < < < Sarah Hartley

Sarah Hartley, also at news:rewired, touches on an undercurrent from some quarters about a possible perceived threate from “citizen journalists.”

4. User Generated Content < < < Online Journalism Blog

Paul Bradshaw has posted part of a chapter of his forthcoming book. This chapter looks at UGC – what it is, and how online UGC differs from from ‘traditional’ UGC such as the letters page.

5. The Twitter Guidebook < < < Mashable

For anyone looking to convince a colleague that Twitter is for them, or who feels they might be missing out despite being on Twitter, this guide from Mashable looks as though it covers everything


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