Weekend reading: Five great blog posts I’ve read this week

1. What’s Murdoch’s endgame? < < < Peter Kirwan

At a guess, thousands of blogs have been written about Rupert Murdoch and News International’s tussle with Google, but few go beyond the “Who does Murdoch think he is, taking on Google” argument. Peter Kirwan’s blog post goes much further than that and is well worth a read.

2. 25 Online photo editing and fun maker websites < < < Mostlyblog

I don’t know about the fun maker bit, but proof there’s life beyound Photoshop is here

3. Freedom of Information Requests: Useful standard paragraphs < < < Wardman Wire

Handy batch of paragraphs which limit the wriggle room of the small number of Freedom of Information officers who would rather be called “Keep all the Information to  myself, you nosey sod” officers

4. Citizen journalists give national journalists a run for their money < < < Stuffhappeningnow

A refreshingly original look at the growth of hyperlocal which addresses where existing media players fit in, where they’re going wrong at the moment and which, crucially, doesn’t play up to stereotypes which often dominate the hyperlocal discussion.

5. 10 Adobe AIR apps which simplify our lives

AIR is one of those things it is easy to forget about it – but it’s enabled some great tools. Mashabe lists ’em


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