Weekend reading: Five blog posts from the last seven days

1. Getting to grips with RSS

I argued a couple of weeks ago that there is arguably the most powerful tool the internet has provided journalism to date. This post from 10,000 Words provides a great place to start getting to grips with it – if you haven’t already.

2. What Does Hyperlocal mean?

To understand hyperlocal, you must first understand what local means to someone. As Jon Bounds points out here, local means different things to different people. And those different people won’t all be interested in the same things locally.

3. Inside the Fake AP Stylebook

The Fake AP Stylebook story is one which has been causing much amusement on Twitter for a few weeks now – Here’s the inside track from Wired

4. 10 Things Government Can Do To Help Local Journalism

There’s a lot of discussion within government about how to help journalism. Paul Bradshaw comes up with 10 ideas here.

5. Digital Editors Network in Preston

From Sarah Hartley, a comprehensive round-up of what happened at the Digital Editors Network in Preston a fortnight ago. (I should have linked to this last week, really)





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