Weekend reading: Five great blog posts I’ve read this week

Freedom of Information Act tips from David Ottewell

The Manchester Evening News’s political reporter has produced a indepth guide to FOI.

The 50 most annoying things about the internet

Great piece from the Daily Telegraph website – and something which should be referred to whenever web editors are coming up with news ideas for their websites

What happens when bloggers writers block hits?

Insightful post from Pro Blogger, although part of me is inclined to say “if you can’t think of anything to write, then don’t” although perhaps “if you can’t think of anything to write, just link” is another variety on that theme.

Spotting a fake Twitter Account

Quite a few journalists have fallen into the trap of taking a celebrity Twitter account at face value. The Foreign secretary’s alleged comments in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death springs to mind. Paul Bradshaw’s guide on OJB to spotting a fake Twitter account should be bookmarked by all Twitter-using journalists.

Five ways to take your online maps to the next level

For when a simple Google Map just isn’t enough


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