Weekend reading: Five great blog posts I read this week

1. How to make an interactive geographical timeline using Google calendar and Yahoo Pipes

Post from Kasper Sorensen on the Online Journalism Blog with a simple step-by-step guide to create something really effective with an ongoing, multiple location  news story.

2. Using charts to illustrate stories

Post from Andy Dickinson looking at simple ways to illustrate articles which have data in them – eg election results.

3. Making news website more social

Brilliant list from Mashable on the steps any news site can take to make their site more social for users – therefore making them feel more involved. Most are quite simple to implement too.

4. Make sure your blog is read by more than just your mum

Problogger guide to making sure people see your blog posts – without annoying people in the process.

5. Warts and all in the newsroom

Jo Wadsworth of the Brighton Argus has written a great post about what it is about working in a newsroom which makes it so special. For anyone outside journalism who thought Drop the Dead Donkey was extreme, you’ve not seen anything yet!


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